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A Spiritual Journey of adventure and healing through the magic of the Andes Mountains and the Amazon of Ecuador and its ancestral wisdom.


Shamanic Ecolodge


    The Kawsay Munana Shamanic Ecolodge is located in the Penipe Canton, in the Heart of Ecuador, the Andean Center, in the Province of Chimborazo. It is surrounded by spectacular volcanoes such as Mama Tungurahua and Taita Chimborazo, Capac Urco (Altar Lagoon) that belong to the Sangay National Park.

    What the visitor does when arriving at our retreat house is to feel part of our family. The proposals of experiences are focused on a deep process of self-knowledge, healing, cleansing, purification, physical, psychological and spiritual detoxification, adventures, ecotourism and ethnotourism.

    Each experience is carefully designed according to the person and group, offering an exclusive itinerary of shamanic practices, local excursions and alternative healing therapies.

    We are a living organization in constant evolution, concerned with improving the health of every system we touch, preserving and regenerating life. We focus on awakening the potential that each being has within it. We respect and defend the rights of nature, which consequently rescues the rights of the existence of human beings themselves.

    We sow love for a better world, manifesting the meaning of life and the value of community. Allowing us to recover the memory of our ancestors without forgetting our present; loving and caring for the Pachamama.

    Our vision is a life process that involves the awakening of ancestral feelings and knowledge, based on respect, complementarity and reciprocity towards all beings in affinity with the cosmos. Consciousness is a reflection of the visible essence in our being and feeling.


*We are all the new seed of humanity*


Eileen Quinteros 



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