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Each activity in our retreats is a step forward to find the answers in your ways and also heal your body, mind and spirit.

Everything we offer is directly related to spirituality, well-being, self-knowledge, learning, personal growth, healing, respect, awareness, responsibility, collectivity and love.


It all starts with preparation and detoxification. Fasting, conscious feeding, practices of physical and spiritual cleansing, which are very important rituals and preparations for taking medicines.



Ecuador is full of amazing landscapes and nature  A great opportunity to connect with mountains, lagoons, waterfalls, rivers, hot springs in a sacred and ritualistic way through our Power Walks.

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Energy Practices 

In our retreats taking care of your energy is to work your body, mind and spirit in an integrated way reflecting in a healthy life and the expansion of consciousness.   

With Kuyuri and Yoga practices you will learn how to increase your vital energy. 

Ayahuasca retreat

Conscious Eating 

The food in Kawsay Munana is based on Andean wisdom. Fresh, natural and seasonal foods that come from farmers in the area. The variety of foods and preparations are perfectly aligned with each activity that is carried out in the center.


Ancient Cleans 

It allows to restore the energetic and physical balance of the body. by means of clean with plants and medicinal herbs. 

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Ancestral  Medicines  Ceremony

This sacred space is the opportunity for people to reconnect with Mother Earth through ancestral medicines and ancestral healing techniques. it is the opportunity to find the Sumak Munana that we all carry within, our own inner song, our will to live in harmony with the whole.  ceremonies of: AYAHUASCA, Wachuma (San Pedro), Temazcal, Kambo, Rapé and Tabaco.

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Community Tourism 

A unique experience. Get to know traditional communities in the Andes and Amazon, and their customs and ancestral knowledge. It is a sustainable tourism.


Sweat Lodge

House of sweat, is the womb of mother earth, ancestral ritual that gives us the purification of mind body and spirit.


Therapy element

Therapies and workshops offered throughout your stay that open the way to reconnection, strengthening and nutrition with all the elements that inhabit within us. Fire, Wind, Water, Earth and Ether. 


Pambamesa and Pachamanka

They are ancestral Andean rituals where the land is thanked for the harvests and abundance.

ayahuasca retreat
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