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What is ayahuasca?

It is one of the best-known sacred plants of the Amazon rainforest after tobacco. It is a spirit of great conscience that helps the human being to restore his world. It is not a chemical substance, but a light of consciousness that transports us, carries us and gives us the opportunity to free ourselves from psychosocial conditions and structures. Ayahuasca represents the connection that is established between our world and the world of spirits. It is not a hallucinogen, but opens perception to a different dimension of reality. Its use is spreading, both in psychotherapy and in the cultivation of the inner world. The history of Ayahuasca dates back to ancient times, meaning "rope that unites the world of the living and the dead" in Quechua. Ayahuasca is a drink used by the indigenous peoples of the Latin American Amazon as part of a sacred ritual of purification and self-knowledge. It is considered a gift from the gods intended to lead humanity to a rebirth or return to its origins. For us it is a sacred plant that transmits wisdom, in addition to having highly healing and regenerative properties neuronally. Various investigations consider ayahuasca as a tool that helps break material perceptions, allowing those who use it to obtain a different vision of life and what surrounds them. When taking ayahuasca, experiences can be intense lasting five to eight hours from the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical aspect, often culminating in mental clarity and lightness. The desire to cry, laugh or simply remain in a state of contemplation may occur, everything will depend on preparation, mental, emotional, spiritual maturity and physical strength. Taking Ayahuasca can be considered as a liberation from all our ghosts, and in turn is considered as an efficient form of healing medicine. Studies have proven that the effects of ayahuasca on the human body do not cause any toxicity. Consuming ayahuasca in a controlled manner does not generate any side effects, addiction or withdrawal symptoms, on the contrary, the SPIRIT of the ayahuasca breast works as a catalyst for reflection.

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