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Hapé Medicine

The use of this medicine is ancestral and is present in different places and times of history. Indigenous people use snuff before entering the forest to harmonize with forest beings and use it as a way to connect their spirit with the spiritual world. It is a fine powder, which when inhaled through smoke or a cloud that blows, envelops the environment. The indigenous people believe that the aspiration of this smoke represents absorbing energy from the spirits that accompany the shaman, his ancestry and the spiritual beings that inhabit the forest. After aspirating, there is a dynamic of the Indian with the spiritual energy present. The passage of snuff through the shaman means that he is sending his good energy, the healing energy. And the smoke coming out of the snuff inhaler, blowing fine dust, promotes a "dance of energies." Snuff is made from tobacco and other herbs and tree ash. Once mixed, the grinding is transformed into a fine and aromatic powder. It is blown through the nostrils. Shamanic tobacco is not industrialized, being organic tobacco and harvested in the forest, of extremely powerful, healing plants, which are in their original state, with all their natural potency. Considered a powerful plant, this puff medicine has benefits for fighting sinusitis, migraine, bad thinking. The quality of the composition of these ingredients in their preparation is of utmost importance for the habit of consuming snuff.

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