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As daughters of the earth we awaken connections with our ancestral roots, nature's medicine and its messages, strengthening our intuition and our inner voice.

Learning from wise women who led their way by delving into a lineage of teachings, rite, celebration and gratitude. Remembering the ancestral knowledge of healing and balance offered by each of the rituals.

Our mission is that each woman can align herself with her inner voice, her own alchemy, awakening her knowledge, empowering herself and establishing a healthy relationship with herself, the earth, the cosmos, her life and her own path.

We align the purposes by weaving and weaving a sisterhood through these encounters, we nurture that path back to our center.

Welcome magical women! This retreat was created with a lot of love for us to reconnect with our heartbeat.

8  Days Femenine Retreat

Day 1


Circle of words, songs
Sweat Lodge Ceremony

Day 2  

Introduction to Feminine Alchemy (Purification)

Andean Ancestral Cleansing 

Impregnation and Elemtotherapy (Eileen)

Earth Element / Ancestral clay workshop (micaela)

Circle of Word and Knowledge 

Day 3

Power Walk with the San Pedro master plant in the Waterfall. 
Offerings and Songs to the Apus. (Eileen)
Day of the Water Element.

Day 4

Sharing/ thermal and river 
Music therapy ( Raquel and Eilen)
Ayahuasca Ceremony 
Ether element

Day 5

A day to process and relax. Optional extra activities (Extra activity information at the end.)

additional cost*.

Four-day participant departure. 

Air Element

Day 6 



Talk Alchemy and knowledge of the Sacred womb.Healing and relocation of Uterus,

through Traditional medicine of the Andes. (midwife Leticia Guncay)

Ancestral clay workshop / cooking Pieces ( micaela)Fire Element 

Day 7

Dance Workshop ( Dagmar
Cerimonia de Ayahuasca

Air Element

Day 8

sharing / Word circle 


Mother Drum Songs 


***Departure at day 9th, until noon.

**DATES 2024**






retreat 8 days: $ 850 
retreat 4 days: $450
If you want  to participate and need more information contact : +593988430161

Eileen / Ipakauka 


Hello if you are reading this I want to tell you that for me it is a joy to be able to share with you in this retreat, a long time ago I dedicate my life to this beautiful mission to heal together and share the wisdom that through my grandparents, teachers and wise men and women left in my heart. As a medicine woman and healer I have dedicated my life for a long time to this beautiful mission of reconnecting and recognizing ourselves within the feminine circle. This retreat provides a valuable opportunity to go deeper into yourself and to nourish yourself with a lot of valuable and sacred information for your life and path. Every woman who is part of this team of healers really are exceptional with a beautiful path that they want to share with a lot of love with you.

 Holistic Therapist, Reikist, Pranica Healer,  Hatha Yoga RYT 200, Vision Seeker.  Traditional Andean Medicine of Jatun Yachay Wasi University, Student of Ancestral Midwifery, Facilitator of constellation and family order, Facilitator of circles of sacred feminine. Artist, Artisan. Healer.


WhatsApp Image 2023-02-05 at 23.22_edited.jpg

I am Raquel Quezada I was born in Cuenca Ecuador, I grew up with my family always in the world of music, I am part of ancestral musical groups of my country, I participate in dances to the earth sacred rituals that our grandparents raise on this path.  Currently I share all my learning through music therapy, winds, and sounds, I hope to meet you and share good times. I am a vision seeker, a lover of life.

Leticia Guncay / curandera y Partera

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 I am a healer from Ecuador, healer, I am dedicated to helping heal people I restore their health in all aspects through my plants and my ancestral medicines, I learned all this thanks to my grandmother a woman of medicine and wisdom who since childhood was close to me. I am a woman who loves nature, midwife, healer, woman of plants, I am happy to be able to share my knowledge with you in this retreat.


micaela cuenca.jpg

Through my search for ancestral knowledge, I find instruments for self-healing by reconnecting with my body, mind and soul. While studying Visual Arts and Dance, I began to encounter my inner voice and the language of the subtle; From there I began to delve into ceramics as a means of channeling between the celestial and the earthly, understanding the alchemy of the elements -earth, water, air, fire- as part of this ancient and ancestral practice. Just as clay allowed me to materialize this exploration, dance accompanied me to live it in my body and share it with more women. .
A path was opened that led me to know the connection between the four elements and the power of women from the corporeal, the psychological, and the spiritual. I began to delve into this world through ceremonies and encounters around fire, seeking to listen to the voice that guides us to relate to ancestral knowledge. 

I am very happy to share with you in this 8-day retreat...!


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My name is Gabriela Violeta samay, for several years I have been accompanying therapeutic processes and this is my path and life mission. Provide tools for self-knowledge and liberation to people. I'm a holistic therapist, Doula. They accompany women throughout their gestation process and at the time of the birth of their babies I also accompany myself with different types of prenatal and postnatal yoga, I like to share the healing sound of the bowls allow deep healing. 

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