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Guide to Participate in the Retreat

The objective of this guide is to inform with responsibility and seriousness what it is to participate in a retreat in Kawsay Munana and present a series of safety procedures that support the sessions of ayahuasca, San Pedro, Kambo and temazcal.

Our retreat is an encounter with yourself and sharing moments collectively during which the members of a group form bonds of friendship, reflect on the purpose and motives of their initiative. working on one or more specific goals.

If you are interested in participating in our  

The decision to participate in a spiritual retreat with ancestral medicines always has to be made by oneself; it should not be induced by other people.The decision has to be based on a clear idea of potential effects, benefits and contraindications in relation to medical history, mental health and general mood. Power plants are sometimes presented as a panacea.However, they are only tools that, if well used, can act as a catalyst for the therapeutic process, generating greater awareness.

**in case of inappropriate use, it can worsen certain problems or generate new ones.

Rules and Conditions to Participate in Our Retreat

. You must fill out the entry form and answer the health questionnaire in advance.

. Comply with the indicated diet and preparation.

. Everyone is required to participate in the interview and measurements of vital systems.

. It is forbidden to carry any type of drugs and alcoholic beverages, in this retreat.

. Do not be distracted, you will participate in a spiritual retreat and are welcome if you bring Seriousness, Respect and Discipline.

• It is forbidden to bring drinks and food from outside.

• Do not bring people who will not participate in the retreat.

. No pets.

What to bring?

. Comfortable clothing for both hot and cold climates. Especially during ceremonies, we recommend loose-fitting clothing;

. Hat for the sun;

. Sunscreen;
. Personal hygiene items;

. Rechargeable batteries, charger and socket adapters;

. Headlamp;

. Mosquito repellents;

. Swimwear;

.Boots or shoes for mountain walking;

. Bottle of Water;

Preparations / Diet.

The different healers and retreat centers choose to recommend diets according to their own work objectives, their beliefs and their knowledge. There is no standard diet. We suggest all participants follow a preparation diet, from at least 5 days before the retreat.  Of course, it is much better to start with the diet as soon as possible, that is, the sooner the better.The faster and shorter the preparation, the lower the results. 

Some people decide to start the preparation diet weeks or months before the retreat, which is very helpful. Preparation is really a very important aspect of participating in this type of experience. The diet helps to keep the body clean, and that is really very important and necessary to be able to live an optimal process.

  The lifestyle you lead and the foods you eat can have a perceptible impact on your ceremonial experience. In particular, your ability to access different levels of consciousness and spiritual energies can be affected by the level of toxicity in your body and mind.  Some of the most sublime energetic vibrations are also the most subtle; these are most easily experienced when you are physically and emotionally clean. If you want to delve deeper with this master plant and fully experience its deep mysteries, you should take diet seriously.

***Important for participants 

. 8 weeks before: Any medication that has an effect on the serotonin system, including selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) and MAOIs medications, should be removed from your body through a slow weaning process with your doctor.

. 4 weeks before: Eliminate pharmaceutical drugs (prescription and over-the-counter). This includes allergy pills, hormone supplements, NSAIDs, and more. Again, always consult with a medical professional.

.1 week before, remove: Sex of all types, including masturbation;Alcohol; Cannabis; Violent or disruptive means; Recreational drugs of any kind, especially synthetic DMT or other psychoactive substances; Avoid alcohol, opiates, and other drugs, medications (antibiotics, injections, pills, vitamins, supplements, etc.)


.please inform us in advance, to consult with our shaman and ensure that you will be able to properly participate in the retreat).

.Do not consume drinks with stimulants (such as coffee, black tea, green tea, yerba mate, etc.), chocolate, chili, soft drinks, dairy, fried foods, canned foods, red meat and pork, sausages before starting our retreat. Two days before avoid salt, sugar and spicy foods.         
It is important to follow our restrictions. It is possible to eat all kinds of vegetables, and eat all kinds of fruits before the retreat.

When not to participate in the retreat: Security and exclusion criteria

Physical contraindications

** It is not recommended for people with severe cardiovascular problems (medicines slightly increase cardiovascular parameters), glaucoma, hypoglycemia, retinal detachment, severe hypertension, fractures or recent surgeries, acute infectious diseases, tuberculosis, epilepsy, seizures.cerebrovascular problems, serious diseases of the liver, gallbladder, kidneys or pancreas, certain cases of gastroduodenal ulcer or gastritis, digestive bleeding, or people with problems vomiting.It is also not recommended for pregnant women.

Psychological contraindications

Power plants are not indicated in cases of panic attacks, some serious psychiatric pathologies such as bipolarity, schizophrenia, Borderline personality disorder, etc.


If the person has had a history of severe depression, suicide attempts or self-aggression it is important to accompany and articulate the work of ayahuasca along with adequate psychological supervision.

Pharmacological contraindications

The use of ayahuasca together with drugs or substances that inhibit monoamine oxidase (MAOIs), drugs or medications with an effect on the serotonergic system is not indicated, as well as with several antidepressants and psychotropic drugs.

Incompatible psychoactive substances

Substances such as cocaine, amphetamines or MDMA can interact negatively with Ayahuasca and San Pedro, so their combination is not recommended. The effects can result in hypertensive crises. Likewise, the combination of ayahuasca with bufotenin and/or 5-MeO-DMT, present in other products of natural origin such as Bufo alvarius, vilca or yopo is also contraindicated.Power plants are not and should not be used as a substitute for psychotherapy or medical care. Finally, you should consult with a specialist if you have any type of disease or use chronic medication (including herbal) and consult previously with the person who directs the experience.


**Below you can download the registration form to participate in kawsay Munana retreats and send to this  email:




We are not responsible for the transfer from the airport to the Kawsay Munana Ancestral Medicines Center. The cost is covered by the participant. If you wish we can contact our collaborators to perform the transfer service.

  • Bring spending money in $20 bills or less – there are ATM’s that you can use but bills larger than $20 notes are difficult to change in this economy.


  • No somos responsables por el traslado del aeropuerto hasta el Centro de Medicinas Ancestrales Kawsay Munana. El costo es del participante. Caso desea podemos coordinar con nuestros colaboradores para realizar el servicio de traslado.


Protocolos COVID-19 externos al centro de medicina Kawsay Munana.

  • Desde el 1 de diciembre de 2021, todos los pasajeros que ingresen al Ecuador deberán presentar de manera obligatoria:

    1. Cartilla de vacunación completa, con al menos 14 días de validez después de completar el esquema

    2. Resultado negativo de una prueba RT-PCR realizada hasta 72 horas antes de la salida hacia Ecuador.

  • Le recomendamos que el motivo de su viaje  declare "TURISMO"

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