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Master Plants

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   It is one of the best-known sacred plants of the Amazon rainforest after tobacco. It is a spirit of great conscience that helps the human being to restore his world. It is not a chemical substance, but a light of consciousness that transports us, carries us and gives us the opportunity to free ourselves from psychosocial conditions and structures. 

Ayahuasca represents the connection that is established between our world and the world of spirits. It is not a hallucinogen, but opens perception to a different dimension of reality. Its use is spreading, both in psychotherapy and in the cultivation of the inner world. The history of Ayahuasca dates back to ancient times, meaning "rope that unites the world of the living and the dead" in Quechua.

Ayahuasca is a drink used by the indigenous peoples of the Latin American Amazon as part of a sacred ritual of purification and self-knowledge. It is considered a gift from the gods intended to lead humanity to a rebirth or return to its origins.  For us it is a sacred plant that transmits wisdom, in addition to having highly healing and regenerative properties neuronally. Various investigations consider ayahuasca as a tool that helps break material perceptions, allowing those who use it to obtain a different vision of life and what surrounds them.


When taking ayahuasca, experiences can be intense lasting five to eight hours from the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical aspect, often culminating in mental clarity and lightness. The desire to cry, laugh or simply remain in a state of contemplation may occur, everything will depend on preparation, mental, emotional, spiritual maturity and physical strength.

 Taking Ayahuasca can be considered as a liberation from all our ghosts, and in turn is considered as an efficient form of healing medicine.

Studies have proven that the effects of ayahuasca on the human body do not cause any toxicity. Consuming ayahuasca in a controlled manner does not generate any side effects, addiction or withdrawal symptoms, on the contrary, the SPIRIT of the ayahuasca breast works as a catalyst for reflection.

Wachuma (San Pedro)

  One of the master plants in the Andean cosmovision that opens access to the spirit of the mountain allows us to open our hearts to life and see the road with more beauty.It is a cactus that grows in the Andes and for thousands of years has guided our ancestors, reminding them of their essence, the permanent connection with the divine and teaching them to heal holistically, body, mind and spirit.

Its sacred and medicinal use leads us to connect directly with the Great Spirit and then heals us and opens our consciousness for self-learning. It is currently known as San Pedro, being its original name in Quechua "Wachuma".

This plant, when ingested, has the quality of awakening the senses of the human being (altered states of consciousness) to work with the unconscious, which is where most of the traumas that can be acquired since we are in the womb of our mother are stored. 

It connects us directly with oneself and then heals us and opens our consciousness for self-learning.

So, for us there are not merely physical illnesses, but illnesses on an emotional and psychological level that are reflected on a physical level. 

 These emotional and psychological illnesses are not cured with Western medicine, as it is only aimed at the physical body. However, we can cure them using Wachuma (St. Peter), since it works in parallel in the three fundamental bodies: physical, mental and spiritual.

The main quality of this plant is that it refreshes our memory, activates our dreams and through them teaches us and shows us many more things, for Good Living. The other quality that the Wachuma has is that it leads the person to find the origin of his trauma, which may be in this or in "other" lives. 



      Frogs played a pivotal role in various cultures and historical periods, having great importance in manifesting the wisdom of many civilizations.Several ancient cultures in the world used the psychoactive properties of frogs as remedies for different diseases, magic potions for fertility, longevity, prosperity, vitality, purification and spiritual power.

    Kambô Medicine.- is the name given to the secretion of an Amazonian tree frog whose scientific name is "Phyllomedusa bicolor".The Kambô circulates in the heart. It makes your heart move in the right way, making things flow and bringing good things to the person. 

The ancients said that it is as if there is a cloud over the person, preventing good things from coming, so when he takes the Kambô, there is a "green light" that opens his paths, making things easier, bringing purification.

  A legend of the Huni Kuin people tells that the Indians of the village were very sick and that Pajé Kampu had done everything possible to cure them. All the medicinal herbs he knew were used, but none had saved his people from agony. Kampu then entered the forest and, under the effect of Ayahuasca, received the visit of the Great Spirit.

He carried a frog in his hands, from which he removed a whitish secretion, the application of which on the sick taught how it should be done. By returning to the tribe and following the instructions he had received, Pajé Kampu can heal his Indian brothers. Then, with his death, the Kampu spirit began to inhabit the frog and the Indians began to use their medicine to stay active and healthy.


Panema: it is a kind of sadness, negativism, bad energy, it is a thing of the soul, which leaves it down... it's really depression. Kambô is to cleanse

the "panema", give health and bring happiness.

The Kambô comes precisely to "promote a realignment", to overcome these negative conditions. it would be something that "releases bad energy and replenishes it with good energy."

It acts on the perception in general, intuition, dreams, the third vision, the unconscious and the blockages that prevent the flow of vital energy. And it could provide so many benefits because it comes from remote Amazon forests, from places where there is purity, harmony and originality, antidotes to the evils of modern society, where disorder, imbalance, pollution and chaos prevail. Healing is in the spirit, it is in the soul.

The Kambô acts on the plane of the soul. It transforms people. It is a remedy, perhaps one of the best. It heals the pain.

Hapé  Medicine

    The use of this medicine is ancestral and is present in different places and times of history. Indigenous people use snuff before entering the forest to harmonize with forest beings and use it as a way to connect their spirit with the spiritual world.

It is a fine powder, which when inhaled through smoke or a cloud that blows, envelops the environment. The indigenous people believe that the aspiration of this smoke represents absorbing energy from the spirits that accompany the shaman, his ancestry and the spiritual beings that inhabit the forest. After aspirating, there is a dynamic of the Indian with the spiritual energy present.

 The passage of snuff through the shaman means that he is sending his good energy, the healing energy. And the smoke coming out of the snuff inhaler, blowing fine dust, promotes a "dance of energies."

  Snuff is made from tobacco and other herbs and tree ash. Once mixed, the grinding is transformed into a fine and aromatic powder. It is blown through the nostrils. Shamanic tobacco is not industrialized, being organic tobacco and harvested in the forest, of extremely powerful, healing plants, which are in their original state, with all their natural potency.

Considered a powerful plant, this puff medicine has benefits for fighting sinusitis, migraine, bad thinking. The quality of the composition of these ingredients in their preparation is of utmost importance for the habit of consuming snuff.                                             

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Sweat Lodge

    The sweat hut is an ancestral spiritual ceremony with the purpose of giving life to a new rebirth. It is an indigenous custom that has been preserved for thousands of years by Native Americans and represents a return to our mother's womb.

    Enter the stones that formed thousands of years ago represent the message and wisdom that come with memory to bring healing. different medicinal plants are poured on them allowing us to reconnect with ancenstrality, settling our personal and collective prayer.

The rhythm of the drums is the beat of his heart. Water and steam are meant to purify those who enter, allowing each to emerge reborn. It is a good opportunity to be recognizing the Creator, honoring Mother Earth and asking the spirits to provide support for our lives.

 Ancient songs fill the structure of healing and connection. Built with bamboo, it sits close to the ground.  the entrance to this sacred womb of the earth closes, giving way to darkness. Water of life is poured over the red-hot rocks in the center of the temazcal. Participants sit on the ground, surrounding this single source of heat. The temperature rises and together we go back to the beginning.

Generally the sweat ceremony consists of four rounds, marked by four songs, which corresponds to the four elements. The duration of sweat may vary. Each nation, community, or healer performs the sweat lodge ceremony in their own way.

  The sweat hut is, first and foremost, a cleansing ceremony for both body and spirit. A person who goes into sweat must enter with good intention and clear purposes. There are many names for sweat lodge such as temazcal, inipi, sweet lodge, zumpul-ché, ñihi, among others. It is a powerful medicine of rebirth.                                                 

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