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Kawsay Munana Healers

 Kawsay Munana is formed mainly by TiTi and Eilen who are the hosts of the space who are in contact with you from the beginning. Within this beautiful spiritual center  are part wonderful beings with magnificent qualities willing to share from consciousness and love.

Titi de Paula

Titi de Paula is a traditional healer from Brazil who dedicates his life to healing and supporting people to find the path of their heart, making it easier for them to deepen their being through the ancestral wisdom of master plants and traditional  ancestral medicines.

He knows several spiritual philosophies of healing that are applied in his retreats and healings. For more than a decade he dedicated his life to this purpose.

 Has studied and lived the ancestral worldview of the health of the peoples of the Americas, experimenting and performing diets, fasts and practices with various tribes, meeting more than 12 South American ethnic groups.

Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic Therapist, Pranico Healer, Temazcalero, Chanupa carrier,Vision Seeker, Sun Dancer,He has been for five years Fire Man in Search of the Vision and Dance of the Sun in Brazil and Ecuador, Guardian of the Traditional Medicines of the Americas: Ayahuasca, Awa kolla (San Pedro), Rapé, Kambô and Tobacco.

    Titi de Paula became a healer through much work, fasting, rites, ceremonies, preparations and also learning and following those who walk longer in the ancestral wisdom of their ancestors.

Eileen Quinteros

    I was born in Ecuador, from a very young age I dedicated myself to the self-cultivation of my being and the constant learning of ancestral wisdoms that began from my great-grandparents, Both healers helped people to restore their balance.

    The synchronicity in my life opened for my path great coexistence and sacred experiences in my life. deepen and channel through experience, fasting diets, austerities, rituals, initiations and ceremonies the teachings of my elders, teachers, guides and grandparents.  

    I am a woman who dedicates myself to the eternal learning of ancestral and spiritual medicine. the use of plants, which allow the generation of natural medicines that help restore the vitality of my patients in accompaniment of therapies, practices and rituals.

    Currently I facilitate circles of sacred feminine where I apply many knowledge learned throughout my life. being a portal of initiation between the divine knowledge of Mother Earth and us women..Eternal apprentice of the mysteries of life and its knowledge.

    Giving life in this present to all the teachings that my grandfathers and grandmothers left planted in my heart, valuable experiences and wisdoms that go with me on this path.

 Holistic Therapist, Reikist, Pranica Healer,  Hatha Yoga RYT 200, Vision Seeker.  Traditional Andean Medicine of Jatun Yachay Wasi University, Student of Ancestral Midwifery, Facilitator of constellation and family order, Facilitator of circles of sacred feminine. Artist, Artisan. Healer.

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Jenny Vilema

Fire keeper, Translator, Singer of Sacred Medicine Songs

Jenny was born in the city of Riobamba, near the biggest volcano in Ecuador called Chimborazo. Her family are descendants of the indigenous Puruwa (meaning “sacred place” in the kichwa language) peoples and still live on their ancestral land in the Chimborazo Province.

Jenny was introduced to the medicine path through her great-grandfather who was a Curandero (shamanic healer). Growing up watching her family healing with plants, she recalls the teachings of the inspirational women in her family.


Her path began with Grandfather San Pedro and a Sweat Lodge and she immediately wanted to learn more about this ancestral knowledge. Continuing to explore this sacred path she began serving in Ayahuasca ceremonies, where she found the inspiration to complete her vision quest, carrying the sacred chanupa, learning from the Taitas, Curanderos, Mamas and Medicine Women in different indigenous communities.

 She is excited to find new ways to bring love, joy and support to those on the path to re-connect with the great spirit present in all things.

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Raquel Quezada

I was born in the city of Cuenca, from a very young age I dedicate my life to the deep learning of my being and especially to the music that is my dharma as I say so of my ancestors, since I was a child, music has always accompanied me. currently developing my own learning of the ancestral traditional music of our indigenous peoples and nationalities of the country where was born Ecuador. I have formed and will continue to be part of the group of dance musicians that are celebrated in our solticians and equinoxes.

I am also a music therapist and student of Architecture. I have dedicated my days to the deep learning of my being through master plants and work in the sacred fire, I am a vision seeker in the mountains of Zhurakpamba. artist and therapist. 

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