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Kuyuri Andes Yoga

Kuyuri is an ancestral Andean morning practice that activates our body by awakening through movement and connection with the Pachamama. Harmonizing the energies of our interior and exterior. Balancing our relationships with the world around us. The sun, mother earth and all beings.

In the morning with the first rays of sun, the Kuyuri takes place in a scenario of nature and musical atmosphere. In the foreground are the lit fire, located in the center of the meeting next to the yachak (wise master) and his assistant. It is surrounded by a spiral of flower petals, medicinal herbs and food.

together they provide a greeting to the sun, to the elements of nature, to the four cardinal points and three spaces of life: the kay pacha (present time, earthly surface), the jawa pacha (space above, world of the cosmos and ideas) and the uku pacha (space below, center of the earth and inner world).

For about an hour, participants perform exercises of breathing, stretching, internalization, energy management, visualization, awareness, joy for the spirit, and above all connection with the pachamama, the sun and fire. Something that cannot be missing in the Kuyuri, is the music. Whether with a track or live playing, its sounds mark the rhythm of the ceremony.

It has become one of the most adept physical and spiritual conditioning systems in our days.

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