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What is the master plant Wachuma or San Pedro

One of the master plants in the Andean cosmovision that opens access to the spirit of the mountain allows us to open our hearts to life and see the road with more beauty.It is a cactus that grows in the Andes and for thousands of years has guided our ancestors, reminding them of their essence, the permanent connection with the divine and teaching them to heal holistically, body, mind and spirit.

Its sacred and medicinal use leads us to connect directly with the Great Spirit and then heals us and opens our consciousness for self-learning. It is currently known as San Pedro, being its original name in Quechua "Wachuma".

This plant, when ingested, has the quality of awakening the senses of the human being (altered states of consciousness) to work with the unconscious, which is where most of the traumas that can be acquired since we are in the womb of our mother are stored.

It connects us directly with oneself and then heals us and opens our consciousness for self-learning.

So, for us there are not merely physical illnesses, but illnesses on an emotional and psychological level that are reflected on a physical level.

These emotional and psychological illnesses are not cured with Western medicine, as it is only aimed at the physical body. However, we can cure them using Wachuma (St. Peter), since it works in parallel in the three fundamental bodies: physical, mental and spiritual.

The main quality of this plant is that it refreshes our memory, activates our dreams and through them teaches us and shows us many more things, for Good Living. The other quality that the Wachuma has is that it leads the person to find the origin of his trauma, which may be in this or in "other" lives.

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