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Healing wounds and emotional traumas with Ayahuasca

The painful experiences we develop throughout our lives shape our emotional wounds.

The emotional wounds manifested in adulthood are usually the result of childhood experiences, especially when it comes to abandonment, rejection, humiliation, betrayal or injustice.

Once the emotional wound has been identified, you should know that it is possible to heal it. It takes time, work on oneself, and often unlocks emotional pain.

The willingness and decision to overcome our wounds is the first step toward patience, compassion, and understanding with ourselves. These qualities that you will develop for yourself, you will develop them for others, which will feed your well-being.

These emotional wounds are going to teach you something, although it is likely that you will have a hard time accepting it because our ego creates a barrier of protection quite effective to hide our problems.

Getting stuck in the past and the traumatic experience will prevent us from enjoying life, and this one is now. To do this, start valuing and thanking everything you are and have in the here and now.

Also, one of the most affective techniques to connect with the present moment is through mindfulness

Ayahuasca activates emotional memory, where traumas are stored, activates the center where decisions are made and in turn, the area of the brain that serves as a link. This allows, according to the researchers, to overwrite traumatic memories and reevaluate them, in an act of consciousness directed by the neocortex.

all the right places are activated so that we can create new connections in our brain, which function as an underlying structure, an operating system that governs our behavior. The ancient Amazonian concoction is a powerful psychotechnology to reprogram our brain

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