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Kambo Medicine of the Jungle


Frogs played a pivotal role in various cultures and historical periods, having great importance in manifesting the wisdom of many civilizations.Several ancient cultures in the world used the psychoactive properties of frogs as remedies for different diseases, magic potions for fertility, longevity, prosperity, vitality, purification and spiritual power. Kambô Medicine.- is the name given to the secretion of an Amazonian tree frog whose scientific name is "Phyllomedusa bicolor".The Kambô circulates in the heart. It makes your heart move in the right way, making things flow and bringing good things to the person. The ancients said that it is as if there is a cloud over the person, preventing good things from coming, so when he takes the Kambô, there is a "green light" that opens his paths, making things easier, bringing purification. A legend of the Huni Kuin people tells that the Indians of the village were very sick and that Pajé Kampu had done everything possible to cure them. All the medicinal herbs he knew were used, but none had saved his people from agony. Kampu then entered the forest and, under the effect of Ayahuasca, received the visit of the Great Spirit. He carried a frog in his hands, from which he removed a whitish secretion, the application of which on the sick taught how it should be done. By returning to the tribe and following the instructions he had received, Pajé Kampu can heal his Indian brothers. Then, with his death, the Kampu spirit began to inhabit the frog and the Indians began to use their medicine to stay active and healthy. Panema: it is a kind of sadness, negativism, bad energy, it is a thing of the soul, which leaves it down... it's really depression. Kambô is to cleanse the "panema", give health and bring happiness. The Kambô comes precisely to "promote a realignment", to overcome these negative conditions. it would be something that "releases bad energy and replenishes it with good energy." It acts on the perception in general, intuition, dreams, the third vision, the unconscious and the blockages that prevent the flow of vital energy. And it could provide so many benefits because it comes from remote Amazon forests, from places where there is purity, harmony and originality, antidotes to the evils of modern society, where disorder, imbalance, pollution and chaos prevail. Healing is in the spirit, it is in the soul. The Kambô acts on the plane of the soul. It transforms people. It is a remedy, perhaps one of the best. It heals the pain.

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