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The sweat lodge is an ancestral spiritual ceremony with the purpose of giving life to a new rebirth. It is an indigenous custom that has been preserved for thousands of years by Native Americans and represents a return to our mother's womb. Enter the stones that formed thousands of years ago represent the message and wisdom that come with memory to bring healing. different medicinal plants are poured on them allowing us to reconnect with ancenstrality, settling our personal and collective prayer. The rhythm of the drums is the beat of his heart. Water and steam are meant to purify those who enter, allowing each to emerge reborn. It is a good opportunity to be recognizing the Creator, honoring Mother Earth and asking the spirits to provide support for our lives. Ancient songs fill the structure of healing and connection. Built with bamboo, it sits close to the ground. the entrance to this sacred womb of the earth closes, giving way to darkness. Water of life is poured over the red-hot rocks in the center of the temazcal. Participants sit on the ground, surrounding this single source of heat. The temperature rises and together we go back to the beginning. Generally the sweat ceremony consists of four rounds, marked by four songs, which corresponds to the four elements. The duration of sweat may vary. Each nation, community, or healer performs the sweat lodge ceremony in their own way. The sweat hut is, first and foremost, a cleansing ceremony for both body and spirit. A person who goes into sweat must enter with good intention and clear purposes. There are many names for sweat lodge such as temazcal, inipi, sweet lodge, zumpul-ché, ñihi, among others. It is a powerful medicine of rebirth.

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